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2018 CHAMPIONS: Prime Example

Congratulations to Coaches Chris Ayag and Dan Pino and the rest of the Prime Example team!


Many of you are undoubtedly playing baseball during this spring, whether with a high school team, a San Francisco Little League team, a San Francisco Youth Baseball League team, or even a CYO team. However, it's also time for you to start thinking about baseball in the summer! We at San Francisco SummerBall are looking forward to another fun and exciting season. We plan to play our first games on the weekend of June 16 and June 17. If you would like to join us, or if you have any questions, please contact us: conorh@sbcglobal.net or 415-216-5209.

Good luck in your spring baseball endeavors!


Our Lazzeri Middle School Division had only four teams, but they were well matched.  At one point late in the season there was the real possibility of a four-way tie.  This Division had many close games including a 3-3 tie between the Roughriders and the Seawolves.  The Championship game was between the Knights and the Panthers.  It went 2 to 1first inning, then 2 to 6, then 9 to 6, then 9 to 8, then 9 to 11, and on to the end.  CONGRATULATIONS  PANTHERS 2017 Middle School (Lazzeri Division) CHAMPIONS. 


Our High School Division had eight teams, any of whom could have won it all.  The Eagles, Prime Example, Tornadoes, and Mariners were the favorites.  The Aces, Jaguars, Optimal Athletes, and Falcons each had a limiting factor that kept them just out of contention range ( small squad, not enough players showing up for a game, new team, rebuilding team).


A Mariners player hit a home run over the left field fence (1st one in 5 years), then a week later another Mariners player hit another one over the left field fence, but this one was a grand slam.  The Tornadoes got a homer up the hill in center field and into the street (video here).  A Prime Example player at 3B dove for a hard hit grounder between 3B and SS, got it but landed flat on his back and still threw to first base while flat on his back and got the runner (video here).


The Eagles had the best High School season record at 6 and 1.  They played an exhibition match against the  SF BaySox, an all-girl High School team who lost to the Eagles and went on to Rockford, Illinois to win the National All-Girls Baseball Championship.  We are proud to report that two on that BaySox team are alumnae from our League.

Last year we had our own BAYSOX team who won the HS Championship.  Coaches Connor Hallinan and John Sampior returned with their boys in uniform to visit at our Championship Games before they go off to various colleges.


The HS Championship Game was mostly pitching and excellent fielding by both the Eagles and the SF Tornadoes.  The Tornadoes scored two runs in the 1st, and another two runs in the 5th for the only runs of the game.  CONGRATULATIONS  TORNADOES  2017 HIGH SCHOOL (Cronin Division) CHAMPIONS. (Videos of the game here.)


I saw all 51 games and I must say that everyone put in full effort without being rabidly over-competitive.  Many many games turned on one or two plays in a game deciding inning.  I hope everyone, players, coaches, and parents enjoyed the season as much as I did.  Thank you all.  Special thanks to Jim Battaglia for being an all round wizard and good guy;  to Chris Choy for working with our umpires so that they are now even better than they were before; to Eric Tam for his exceptional camera and video work; and to Dan Pino and Pat Uland for literally stepping in when the field needed help.


- Bob Boileau, Commissioner 

Pictures of the 2017 season are here.


Videos of the 2017 season are here.

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